[Amazon] Kveikur [輸入盤CD] (XLCD606)


Kveikur [輸入盤CD] (XLCD606)
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Kveikur [輸入盤CD] (XLCD606)

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  • 商品カテゴリー:CD
  • Amazonランキング:73704位
  • Amazon価格:¥ 942
  • ユーズド価格:¥ 118
  • ISBN/ASIN:B00C1GBOU6(XL Recordings)
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JUGEMユーザーのレビュー・感想(1件) 3 [3]

Kveikur / Sigur Ros

23:06:By in a closet

Stepping away from all those troublesome matters, I withdraw myself into the perfect sound that Sigur Ros created. My first impression of this album was how catchy they changed, in a good way. I?? このレビューの続きを見る