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White Knight Invitation / 白の女騎士の誘惑

White Knight is inviting you to the bed / 貴方をベッドに誘う白の女騎士     【Scene explanation / シーン解説】- Invitation / 誘惑 -   After discussing future fortress battles and castle defense strategies and tactics, the White Knight slowly lies down on the bed and invites you. You cannot refuse her attractive invitation.   今後の要塞戦や城の防衛の戦略や戦術などのディスカッションが終わると、白の女騎士は、ゆっくりとベッドに横たわり、貴方を誘う。貴方...

DA Fantasy Blog | 2024.02.14 Wed 05:45

Defeated Asian Warrior / 敗北したアジアの女戦士

Defeated Asian female warriors / 敗北したアジアの女戦士たち       【Scene explanation / シーン解説】 - Defeated / 敗北 -   She was a female warrior who had defeated enemy soldiers that had flown in from neighboring countries one after another, but due to the surprise invasion and being outnumbered, she was unable to fight satisfactorily and was defeated.   隣国からなだれ込んだ敵兵を次々と打ち負かしてきた女戦士であったが、不意を突いた侵攻に...

DA Fantasy Blog | 2024.01.28 Sun 18:32

Defeated Warrior Type C 1 / 敗北した女侍

A defeated female samurai who protects the city's peace and order / 敗北した街の治安を守る女侍     【Scene explanation / シーン解説】 - Defeated / 敗北 -   She was a female samurai who had defeated all the armed thieves, but the townspeople were taken hostage by the thieves, and she was unable to fight satisfactorily and was defeated.   武装した盗賊たちをことごとく打ち負かしてきた女侍であったが、盗賊たちに町人たちを人質に取られてしまい、満足な...

DA Fantasy Blog | 2024.01.19 Fri 05:30

Blue Knight Oath / 青の女騎士の誓約

A blue knight who pledges to serve only you /  貴方だけに尽くすと誓約する青の女騎士       【Scene explanation / シーン解説】- Oath / 誓い -   After the Blue knight has finished having sex with you, she put on the Blue armor and return to her usual dignified knight status. Then she knelt down before you and swore to serve as your personal knight.   青の騎士は、貴方との男女の営みが終わり、また、青の鎧を身にまとい、いつもと変わらぬ凛々し...

DA Fantasy Blog | 2024.01.06 Sat 08:23

Captured Navy Officer / 捕らわれた海軍士官

Captured Navy officers of the old good time / 捕らわれた古き良き時代の海軍の女士官       【Scene explanation / シーン解説】 - Captured / 捕獲 -   Enemy marines come aboard one after another on her heavily damaged ship. She commands the few surviving allied marines and resists the enemy while trying hard to escape, but in the end she is captured by the enemy marines. She is restrained so that she cannot move, and she is left defenseless and unable...

DA Fantasy Blog | 2023.12.25 Mon 19:30

Defeated Investigator Type A 2

Defeat of a female investigator fighting an evil organization / 敗北した悪の組織と戦う女捜査官       【Scene explanation / シーン解説】 - Defeated / 敗北 -   A female investigator infiltrates an evil organization as an undercover investigator. However, she was betrayed by an ally and her identity was exposed. She engaged in a fierce battle with the fighters of the evil organization, and she mowed down the tough fighters one after another. However, s...

DA Fantasy Blog | 2023.12.15 Fri 05:46

Superheroine Type A Serving

A super heroine who does unfamiliar housework for you. / 貴方の為に慣れない家事をするスーパーヒロイン     【Scene explanation / シーン解説】 - Serving / 尽力 -   The superheroine, who has sworn loyalty to you, has started doing unaccustomed housework and cooking for you. The way she prepares dishes that she is unfamiliar with makes it hard to believe that she is the same ``superheroine'' who fights with her superpowers, which terrified the villains. R...

DA Fantasy Blog | 2023.12.05 Tue 04:38

Superheroine Type B Inviting 2

Superheroine of justice fighting evil is inviting you / 貴方を誘う悪と戦う正義のスーパーヒロイン       【Scene explanation / シーン解説】- Invitation / 誘惑 -   After a casual conversation with you in a hidden area of her hometown surrounded by nature, the superheroine slowly lies down on a large rock like a bed and gently invites you. You cannot refuse her attractive invitation.   自然に囲まれた故郷の秘境で、貴方とたわいもない会話が終わる...

DA Fantasy Blog | 2023.11.21 Tue 05:49

Relaxing Superheroine Type C

A superheroine relaxing after days of intense battles with villains / 激しかった悪党との戦いの日々から離れ、くつろいでいるスーパーヒロイン     【Scene explanation / シーン解説】 - Relaxing / リラックス -   Back in her hometown, in a relaxed atmosphere, the superheroine consults with you on how to destroy an evil organization and strategies to counter evil supernatural powers. It seems like she has full confidence in your strategy. You walk her through her way...

DA Fantasy Blog | 2023.11.08 Wed 05:21

Silver Knight Rest

Momentary Rest of beautiful female knight of the middle ages / 中世時代の女騎士の束の間の休息       A large-sized image collection of this image is available to the public on Patreon. / この画像の大きなサイズの画像集は、パトロンにて一般公開中   The Page on Patreon → Silver Knight Rest     【Glossary】 - Female Knight - A woman who holds the knightly class and mainly appears in fantasy works. She refers to a wo...

DA Fantasy Blog | 2023.10.24 Tue 05:22


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