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捕獲されたヒロイン 第4集

This is a collection of AI images of various types of heroines in various scenes of capture, bondage, and restraint. / さまざまなタイプのヒロインの捕獲・緊縛・拘束のさまざまのシーンのAI画像集です。 "Captured Heroine Volume 1" focuses on super heroines and female knights. / 「捕獲されたヒロイン 第4集」は、スーパーヒロインや女騎士がメインとなります。       【Scene explanation / シーン解説】   - Defeated / 敗北 - 卑劣な罠にかかりヒロイ...

DA Fantasy Blog | 2024.07.14 Sun 06:51

Navy Commander Fun Days

A female captain's holiday on a southern island / 女艦長の南の島での休日       【Scene explanation / シーン解説】- Fun Days / 休日 -   The female captain had come to a tropical island to enjoy a vacation away from her days of fighting.   女艦長は、戦いの日々から離れてバケーションを楽しむために南国の島に訪れいていた。     【Gallery / ギャラリー】 - Pixiv /ピクシブ -   A large-sized image colle...

DA Fantasy Blog | 2024.06.19 Wed 05:34

Defeated Space Soldier 2 / 敗北した宇宙の女兵士 2

Defeated space soldiers who protect space security. / 敗北した宇宙の治安を守る宇宙の兵士       【Scene explanation / シーン解説】 - Defeated / 敗北 -   A female warrior defeated the enemies that came rushing in one after another, but due to the surprise attack and being outnumbered, she was unable to fight satisfactorily and was defeated.   なだれ込ん出来た敵を次々と打ち負かしてきた女戦士であったが、不意を突かれた攻撃と多勢に無勢という状況...

DA Fantasy Blog | 2024.05.30 Thu 04:37

Romance of Pink Knight 1 / ピンクの女騎士のロマンス

The days of love of Pink Knight / ピンクの女騎士の愛の日々       【Scene explanation / シーン解説】- Romance / ロマンス -   The Pink Knight lies down and welcomes you. You and the Pink Knight lock yourself in the bedroom and enjoy a romance just the two of you.   ピンクの女騎士は、横たわり、貴方を迎える。貴方と彼女は寝室に閉じこもり二人だけのロマンスを楽しむ。     【Gallery / ギャラリー】 - Pixiv /ピクシブ ...

DA Fantasy Blog | 2024.05.07 Tue 05:08

Space Soldier Prologue 1 / 宇宙の女兵士 プロローグ

Space soldiers who protect space security / 宇宙の治安を守る宇宙の兵士      【Scene explanation / シーン解説】- Prologue / プロローグ -   Her family had served as officers in the Space Force for generations. She grew up watching her father who was an officer, and she enrolled in the Space Force Academy, where she graduated with distinction. Despite the opposition of those around her, she requested to serve on the front lines and was assigned to the extre...

DA Fantasy Blog | 2024.04.16 Tue 05:08

Romance of Superheroine Type F 1 / スーパーヒロイン F のロマンス 2

The days of love of the Superheroine / スーパーヒロインの愛の日々       【Scene explanation / シーン解説】- Romance / ロマンス -   The superheroine lies on the bed and greets you. And you and she will enjoy a romance just the two of you.   スーパーヒロインは、ベッドの上に横たわり、貴方を迎える。そして、貴方と彼女は、二人だけのロマンスを楽しむ。     【Gallery / ギャラリー】 - Patreon /パトロン -   A large-s...

DA Fantasy Blog | 2024.03.22 Fri 04:04

Captured Superheroine Type G 1 / 捕獲されたスーパーヒロインG

Captured Superheroine of justice fighting evil / 捕らえられた悪と戦う正義のスーパーヒロイン       【Scene explanation / シーン解説】 - Captured / 捕獲 -   The superheroine was taken hostage by an evil organization, and she was captured and held captive. Will she be able to escape from this crisis as she is chained so that she cannot move?   スーパーヒロインは悪の組織に人質を取られてしまい、彼女は捕らわれ、拘束されてしまった。身動きが取れな...

DA Fantasy Blog | 2024.03.02 Sat 05:52

White Knight Invitation / 白の女騎士の誘惑

White Knight is inviting you to the bed / 貴方をベッドに誘う白の女騎士     【Scene explanation / シーン解説】- Invitation / 誘惑 -   After discussing future fortress battles and castle defense strategies and tactics, the White Knight slowly lies down on the bed and invites you. You cannot refuse her attractive invitation.   今後の要塞戦や城の防衛の戦略や戦術などのディスカッションが終わると、白の女騎士は、ゆっくりとベッドに横たわり、貴方を誘う。貴方...

DA Fantasy Blog | 2024.02.14 Wed 05:45

Defeated Asian Warrior / 敗北したアジアの女戦士

Defeated Asian female warriors / 敗北したアジアの女戦士たち       【Scene explanation / シーン解説】 - Defeated / 敗北 -   She was a female warrior who had defeated enemy soldiers that had flown in from neighboring countries one after another, but due to the surprise invasion and being outnumbered, she was unable to fight satisfactorily and was defeated.   隣国からなだれ込んだ敵兵を次々と打ち負かしてきた女戦士であったが、不意を突いた侵攻に...

DA Fantasy Blog | 2024.01.28 Sun 18:32

Defeated Warrior Type C 1 / 敗北した女侍

A defeated female samurai who protects the city's peace and order / 敗北した街の治安を守る女侍     【Scene explanation / シーン解説】 - Defeated / 敗北 -   She was a female samurai who had defeated all the armed thieves, but the townspeople were taken hostage by the thieves, and she was unable to fight satisfactorily and was defeated.   武装した盗賊たちをことごとく打ち負かしてきた女侍であったが、盗賊たちに町人たちを人質に取られてしまい、満足な...

DA Fantasy Blog | 2024.01.19 Fri 05:30


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