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Japanese Home-style cooking
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Japanese Home-style cooking

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Japanese Home-style cooking
I want many foreign people to enjoy Japanese Home-style cooking.


Japanese Cooking Class August 2015

JUGEMテーマ:Japanese Home-style cooking Today's cooking class. The guests were two ladies from Busan(Korea) and Seattle(U.S.A). We made Deep-fried lotus root with shrimp paste, Chicken Teriyaki, Rolled sushi, Clam miso soup and Japanese salad. We had many thing to do, so we enjoyed it.    

Japanese Cooking Class SAKURA | 2015.08.09 Sun 14:36

Japanese Cooking Class in July 2015

JUGEMテーマ:Japanese Home-style cooking   Today's Menu Tempura Chirasshi-zushi(Mixed sushi) Hourensou no goma-karasi ae(Spinach with sesame and mustard dressing) Suimono(Clear soup)   Today's guests were four people from Mongolia, Vietnam, two from China.   They offered me to make Tempura and Ramen when they made a reservation. But I declined to make Ramen, because I don't think Ramen is a traditional Japanese dishes. They understood about it, th...

Japanese Cooking Class SAKURA | 2015.07.26 Sun 14:15

Japanese cooking class in June 2015

I had a cooking class yesterday. The guests were a woman from China and a man from Philippine. They are really interested in Japanese culture. We made Niku-jaga(braised beef and potato), Dashimaki-tamago(thick omelets with dashi stock), rolled sushi, Inari-zushi(stuffed tofu puff sushi) and Japanese style salad with sesame dressing. I served simmered pumpkin, marinated deep-fried summer vegetables, deep-fried fish and prawns, and braised chicken wings. Our cooking process is below. ...

Japanese Cooking Class SAKURA | 2015.06.21 Sun 12:42

Japanese Cooking Class in Fukuoka!!

Are you interested in cooking Japanese-style dishes? With ingredients of the four seasons, you can learn how to produce a healthy menu using vegetables as a basis. You can learn Japanese-style representative home cooking from the basics. I love cooking and I’d like to teach basic Japanese home-style cooking in English to foreigners at my place. I’m living near Fukuoka Domestic Airport. Please join my cooking class. Contents: * Explanation of typical Japanese-style dish...

Japanese Cooking Class SAKURA | 2015.05.05 Tue 14:29

Autumn is coming

JUGEMテーマ:習い事・資格・講座 JUGEMテーマ:Japanese Home-style cooking How was your this summer? If you love hot weather, it was unlucky summer in Fukuoka, wasn't it? We have many disaster in Japan. I want to say sorry for them, and hope they could get over the shock as soon as possible. Autumn is coming everywhere. A lovely cool breeze, the chirrup of crickets, a seasonal food. I bought some representative fruits, figs and Kyoho grapes. All of them make me pleasant. So I...

Japanese Cooking Class SAKURA | 2014.09.07 Sun 14:29



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