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Defiance、拡張現実関連 ETF をローンチ

Virtual Reality ETF Debuts | ETF.comDefiance ETFs, a brand-new issuer, today is rolling out its first fund, which looks to capture performance of the augmented and virtual reality space. www.etf.com Defiance ETFs Launch Augmented Reality-Focused ETFDefiance ETFs announced the launch of its Defiance Future Tech ETF (NYSE: AUGR), which is designed for investors seeking to capitalize on the growing opportunities in augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) technology.www.etftrends.com 8月1...

HYIP de orz | 2018.08.02 Thu 15:55

Global X、特定の利回りを目指す ETF of ETFs をローンチ

2 New ETFs-Of-ETFs Target Income | ETF.comToday Global X is rolling out a pair of ETFs that use a quantitative approach to provide investors with incomewww.etf.com Target Income ETFs Join Global X Funds RosterGlobal X Funds, a New York-based provider of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), announced the launch of two ETFs joining its roster--the Global X TargetIncome™ 5 ETF (CBOE: TFIV), and the Global X TargetIncome™ Plus 2 ETF (CBOE: TFLT).www.etftrends.com 7月31日、Global X TargetIn...

HYIP de orz | 2018.08.02 Thu 00:31

HSBC、中国 A 株 ETF をイギリスでローンチ

HSBC launches China A shares ‘inclusion’ ETF on LSEHSBC Global Asset Management has launched the HSBC MSCI China A Inclusion UCITS ETF on London Stock Exchange. The fund provides investors with a tool to invest in the progressive partial inclusion …www.etfstrategy.com HSBC MSCI China A Inclusion UCITS ETF がロンドン証券取引所でローンチされました。コストは0.60%。 米ドル建てのティッカーは HMCT、ポンド建てのティッカーは HMCA です。 MSCI China A Inclusion Index に連動します。 2018年6月...

HYIP de orz | 2018.08.01 Wed 23:39

REX、VMAX をクローズ

REX Shares to close long VIX futures ETFREX Shares has announced it is closing the REX VolMAXX Long VIX Futures Strategy ETF (VMAX US), currently trading on Cboe BZX. VMAX provides investors with exposure to the VIX via weekly futures.www.etfstrategy.com 7月24日、REX VolMAXX Long VIX Futures Strategy ETF (VMAX US) がクローズされました。 VMAX は1週間物の VIX 先物に連動していました。ほとんどの VIX ETF は1か月物の VIX 先物に連動していましたが、短期の方が VIX との現物との相関性が高まるは...

HYIP de orz | 2018.07.31 Tue 13:18

保険会社、債券 ETF を保有しやすくなる

Accounting rule to increase demand for fixed income ETFs among US insurers, finds CerulliUS-based insurance companies are expected to show greater adoption of ETFs following regulatory changes to accounting guidelines by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), accor…www.etfstrategy.com 米国の保険会社は債券 ETF を保有しやすくなります。 これは全米保険監督官協会(NAIC)のルールが変わり、これまで「株式」に分類されていた債券 ETF が「債券」扱いになり、リスクや資本の要件を満...

HYIP de orz | 2018.07.31 Tue 13:14

JP Morgan の日本株 ETF の資産残高が10億ドルを突破

JP Morgan Japan ETF Raking In Record Assets | ETF.comThe race to $2 billion is on.www.etf.com 'BBJP' 2nd-Fastest ETF To $1B Assets | ETF.comA continued rally in the U.S. stock market helped fuel solid inflows for ETFs this week. In total, $6.1 billion flowed into U.S.-listed ETFs during the week ending Thursday, July 19, bringing year-to-date inflows to $137.1 billion.www.etf.com ‘BBJP’ Wows ETF Community With $1.4B AUM After First MonthJPMorgan BetaBuilders Japan ETF (B...

HYIP de orz | 2018.07.30 Mon 14:35

Invesco、ファクター債券 ETF をローンチ

Invesco launches suite of self-indexed fixed income factor ETFsInvesco has rolled out a suite of smart beta bond ETFs – the Invesco Fixed Income Factor ETF Suite – on NYSE Arca. The suite has been created on the back of research from the firm’s active manageme…www.etfstrategy.com Invesco Launches New Suite of Factor ETFsInvesco, a leading global provider of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), seeks to push the creative envelope in the fixed income space with its new...

HYIP de orz | 2018.07.29 Sun 13:07

SSgA、配当型英国株 ETF をスイスでローンチ

SSGA lists distributing share class of FTSE UK All-Share ETF onto SIXState Street Global Advisors has listed a distributing share class of its SPDR FTSE UK All-Shares UCITS ETF onto Zurich’s SIX Swiss Exchange. The new share class trades in Swiss francs under …www.etfstrategy.com State Street Global Advisors は SPDR FTSE UK All-Share UCITS ETF (FTAD) をスイスの SIX でローンチしました。スイスフラン建てで、コストは0.20%。 FTSE All-Share Index に連動し、英国株の98%をカバーします。 無配当...

HYIP de orz | 2018.07.29 Sun 12:57

Lyxor、ポンド建て欧州株 ETF をイギリスでローンチ

Lyxor adds GBP listings to ‘core’ eurozone ETFs on LSELyxor has introduced pound sterling-denominated share classes for two of its ‘core’ ETFs listed on the London Stock Exchange. The new share classes offer low-cost GBP access to eurozone companies v…www.etfstrategy.com Lyxor はポンド建ての欧州株 ETF を2本、ロンドン証券取引所でローンチしました。 Lyxor Core MSCI EMU UCITS ETF (MFDD) Stoxx Europe 600 Index のうちユーロ圏の300銘柄で構成される Euro Stoxx Index に連動します。コストは0.07%...

HYIP de orz | 2018.07.29 Sun 12:47

SSgA、為替ヘッジ型グローバル転換社債 ETF をイタリア、スイス、ドイツでローンチ

SSGA introduces currency-hedged share classes for convertible bond ETFState Street Global Advisors has introduced euro and Swiss franc currency-hedged share classes for its global convertible bond ETF on Borsa Italiana, SIX Swiss Exchange and Deutsche Börse.www.etfstrategy.com State Street Global Advisors は、Thomson Reuters Qualified Global Convertible Index に連動するグローバル転換社債 ETF の為替ヘッジ版を以下のようにローンチしました。 SPDR Thomson Reuters Global Convertible B...

HYIP de orz | 2018.07.28 Sat 19:59


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