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Invesco、OppenheimerFunds を買収

Invesco Buys OppenheimerFunds | ETF.comOn Thursday, Oct. 18, Invesco and Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) jointly announced that Invesco would acquire MassMutual's affiliate OppenheimerFunds, finalizing a deal rumored to be in the works for weeks.www.etf.com 10月18日、Invesco は Massachusetts Mutual Life (MassMutual) Insurance Company の子会社である OppenheimerFunds を買収すると発表しました。 これにより、買収される側の従業員は Invesco の株を8190万株、40億ドル相当の...

HYIP de orz | 2018.10.22 Mon 23:20

VanEck、eスポーツ ETF をローンチ

First eSports ETF Debuts | ETF.comToday, Van Eck is rolling out an ETF that will focus on the global video gaming and electronic sports industry.www.etf.com VanEck’s New eSports ETF is More than Just Fun and GamesThe idea of the typical sports jock lifting weights and participating in locker room banter may soon be replaced by the quick-thinking, button-pushing video gamer as competitive video gaming, or eSports, is positioning itself to become a disruptor in traditional media and entertainm...

HYIP de orz | 2018.10.22 Mon 21:47

PGIM、アクティブ運用米国大型株 ETF をローンチ

Active Large Cap ETF Debuts | ETF.comYesterday, Prudential’s PGIM arm launched an actively managed ETF that is the first in a planned series of funds that will use a multifactor approach that relies on a quantitative process.www.etf.com PGIM Launches First of 4 Actively-Managed ETFsPGIM Investments bolstered its ETF roster today with the launch of the first of four actively managed equity exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that it expects to roll out in 2018. Sub-advised by QMA, the quantitative e...

HYIP de orz | 2018.10.22 Mon 20:08

JP Morgan、アクティブ運用超短期地方債 ETF をローンチ

JP Morgan Rolls Out Muni ETF | ETF.comToday, J.P. Morgan launched an actively managed ultra-short municipal bond ETF. www.etf.com J.P. Morgan Launches First Ultra-Short Muni Bond ETFIn response to the rising interest rate environment, J.P. Morgan Asset Management launched the first ultra-short duration municipal bond-related ETF to help investors access tax-exempt yield with less rate sensitivity.www.etftrends.com 10月18日、JPMorgan Ultra-Short Municipal ETF (Cboe: JMST) がローンチされまし...

HYIP de orz | 2018.10.22 Mon 19:03

ETF 投資でやりがちなミス

1. 流行のテーマに乗っかった割高投資をしてしまう 2. 内容を理解せずに投資してしまう 3. 似て非なる ETF に投資してしまう 4. 取引をしすぎてしまう 5. 成り行き注文してしまう JUGEMテーマ:ETFでつくるポートフォリオ

HYIP de orz | 2018.10.16 Tue 12:36


ETFs Still Missing From 401(k)s | ETF.comETFs may show up in small-sized plans, or if a plan allows a brokerage account, but when it comes to midsize and large plans, ETFs are largely absent.www.etf.com コスト比較 Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (VTI) 0.4% Vanguard Total Stock Market mutual fund (VTSMX) 3000ドル以上 0.14% 1万ドル以上 0.04% 機関投資家向け 0.035% 1億ドル以上 0.02% 50億ドル以上 0.01% ソース記事では、ETF に対応しない401kがある理由に、機関投資家向けファンドと比べ...

HYIP de orz | 2018.10.16 Tue 12:25

UBS、SMHD の新規設定を中止

Leveraged ETN Suspends Creations | ETF.comLast week, UBS suspended creations on an ETRACS ETN with nearly $60 million in assets under managementwww.etf.com 10月8、9日、ETRACS Monthly Pay 2xLeveraged US Small Cap High Dividend ETN (SMHD) の新規設定が注意されました。 SMHD は交換のみとなり、原資産との裁定が利かなくなります。 新規設定をやめた ETN は検索程度ではわからないので困りますわ。 JUGEMテーマ:ETFでつくるポートフォリオ

HYIP de orz | 2018.10.16 Tue 11:47


Market Turmoil Spooks Bonds, Not Equities | ETF.comTumultuous action in the stock and bond markets sent investors fleeing ETFs. The S&P 500 had its biggest drawdown since March this week, and the U.S. 10-year Treasury yield spiked to a seven-year high, prompting $2.9 billion to flow out of U.S.-listed ETFs.www.etf.com アセット別 ETF の資産残高の変化 (過去1週間。ソース記事の日付は10月12日) 米国株 0.09% 米国外株 0.04% 米国債券 -1.10% 米国外債券 0.28% コモディティ 0.58% 通貨 0....

HYIP de orz | 2018.10.16 Tue 11:35

Franklin Templeton、低コスト米国外株 ETF を拡充

Franklin Adds To Country ETFs | ETF.comToday, Franklin Templeton further expanded its lineup of low-cost geographically focused ETFs based on a plain-vanilla cap-weighted approachwww.etf.com Franklin Templeton Adds to Its Low-Cost International ETF LineupFranklin Templeton Investments expanded on to its line of cheap country-specific ETFs with the addition of three new funds that target Saudi Arabia, South Africa and the broader Latin America markets.www.etftrends.com 10月11日、Franklin Tem...

HYIP de orz | 2018.10.16 Tue 00:01

Columbia、マルチセクター米国地方債 ETF をローンチ

Columbia Threadneedle launches smart beta municipal bond ETFColumbia Threadneedle has expanded its smart beta line-up with the launch of the Columbia Multi-Sector Municipal Income ETF (MUST US) on NYSE Arca. The fund provides exposure to the US municipal bo…www.etfstrategy.com Smart Beta Muni Bond ETF Debuts | ETF.comwww.etf.com A Smart Beta Municipal Bond ETF PlayBringing smart beta to the municipal bonds segment, Columbia Threadneedle Investments expanded on its strategic beta ETF lineup ...

HYIP de orz | 2018.10.15 Mon 21:16


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