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SEC、ETF の認可ルールの変更を検討

SEC votes to streamline ETF launch processThe Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has voted unanimously to propose a new rule designed to speed up the listing process for certain ETFs. By lowering barriers to entry, the proposal is ex…www.etfstrategy.com SEC Backs Major ETF Rule Change | ETF.comAt an open meeting today, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) voted unanimously to propose the long-expected "ETF Rule," which, if adopted, would greatly reduce the time and costs needed...

HYIP de orz | 2018.07.02 Mon 23:50

The Settlers (2017) Movie Stream Without Membership youtube Streaming putlocker9 No Sing Up

↡⇓↡⇓↡⇓↡⇓↡⇓↡⇓↡⇓↡⇓↡⇓↡⇓↡⇓↡⇓ ➠➔ WATCH / DOWNLOAD The Settlers (2017) ⟵⇦ ⇧↑⇧↑⇧↑⇧↑⇧↑⇧↑⇧↑⇧↑⇧↑⇧↑⇧↑⇧↑             beauty & the beast movie 2017 The Settlers (German: Die Siedler) is a city-building video game with...

Katherine | 2018.07.01 Sun 05:11

ALPS、クリーンエネルギー ETF をローンチ

Pure Play Clean Energy ETF Debuts | ETF.comToday ALPS launched a thematic ETF that targets renewable energy. The ALPS Clean Energy ETF (ACES) invests in stocks issued by U.S. and Canadian companies that are primarily involved in the clean energy space.www.etf.com ALPS Adds a Clean Energy ETF PlayALPS expanded on its thematic exchange traded fund lineup with a strategy that helps investors target the renewable energy category. On Friday, ALPS launched the ALPS Clean Energy ETF (Cboe: ACES), w...

HYIP de orz | 2018.06.30 Sat 12:32

KraneShares、中国ジャンク債 ETF をローンチ

China Junk Bond ETF Launches | ETF.comYesterday, KraneShares added its second fixed-income product to its lineup of mainly China-focused ETFswww.etf.com 6月28日、KraneShares CCBS China Corporate High Yield Bond USD Index ETF (KCCB) がローンチされました。コストは0.69%。 ソース記事にインデックス名は載っていません。 中国または、業務、資産、利益または売り上げの大半が中国由来の企業のジャンク債に時価総額加重で投資します。 発行されてから40日以上で、満期まで2〜5年間 (債券の期間には制限なし)...

HYIP de orz | 2018.06.30 Sat 12:27

iShares、AI とロボティクス関連 ETF をローンチ

iShares Debuts Robotics/AI ETF | ETF.comToday BlackRock’s iShares arm rolled out an ETF targeting the robotics and artificial intelligence space. www.etf.com iShares Joins Robotics, Artificial Intelligence ETF PartyBlackRock's iShares has launched its ETF to track the growing robotics and artificial intelligence investment theme to help investors tap into innovative companies that have created rapid advancements across a variety of industries. On Thursday, BlackRock launched the iShares Robo...

HYIP de orz | 2018.06.29 Fri 14:26

Vanguard、社会責任投資 ETF を申請

Vanguard Makes Unexpected ETF Filing | ETF.comYesterday, Vanguard struck off in a new direction and filed for a pair of ETFs targeting companies that have responsible approaches to environmental, social and governance issues (ESG), including a U.S. fund and potentially the first global ex-U.S. ESG ETFwww.etf.com Vanguard は2本の社会責任投資 ETF を申請しました。 Vanguard ESG U.S. Stock ETF FTSE US All Cap Choice Index に連動します。コストは0.12%。 Vanguard ESG International Stock ETF...

HYIP de orz | 2018.06.29 Fri 14:16

SSgA、コミュニケーションサービスセクター ETF をローンチ

SSGA launches Communication Services Select Sector SPDR ETFState Street Global Advisors has launched the Communication Services Select Sector SPDR ETF (XLC US) on NYSE Arca. The fund provides exposure to the new Communication Services sector of the US equi…www.etfstrategy.com State Street Launches New Sector ETF | ETF.comToday saw the launch of a new Select Sector SPDR ETF. The Communication Services Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLC) represents a new sector that includes the telecommunication se...

HYIP de orz | 2018.06.29 Fri 01:18

Reality Shares、中国ブロックチェーン株式 ETF をローンチ

China-Focused Blockchain ETF Launches | ETF.comBlockchain is one of the hottest spaces in technology right now, and this year has seen a bevy of funds launched around that theme.www.etf.com Reality Shares Launches China Blockchain ETFReality Shares Nasdaq NexGen Economy China ETF (NASDAQ: BCNA) will give investors exposure to companies in the forefront of the blockchain technology in China.www.etftrends.com 6月20日、Reality Shares Nasdaq NexGen Economy China ETF (NASDAQ: BCNA) がローンチさ...

HYIP de orz | 2018.06.29 Fri 00:49

Franklin Templeton、2本のアクティブ運用債券 ETF をヨーロッパでローンチ

Franklin Templeton to launch two actively managed fixed income ETFsFranklin Templeton is set to launch two actively managed fixed income ETFs in Europe. The funds, which will initially list on the Deutsche Börse and LSE, are the Franklin Liberty Euro Short Maturit…www.etfstrategy.com Franklin Templeton は2本のアクティブ運用債券 ETF をドイツ証券取引所とロンドン証券取引所で6月最終週にローンチします。 Franklin Liberty Euro Short Maturity UCITS ETF ユーロ建ての短期債券に投資します。...

HYIP de orz | 2018.06.29 Fri 00:43

Horizons、レバレッジ型マリファナ関連 ETF をカナダで申請

Horizons ETFs Files for 3 Canada Marijuana ETFsThe Horizons ETFs Group has filed preliminary documents in preparation of launching three new ETFs that will target leveraging the cannabis sector, according to The Globe and Mail.www.etftrends.com New leveraged marijuana ETFs on the wayHorizons ETF Management aim to launch products this summerwww.theglobeandmail.com Horizons ETFs Group は Solactive Canadian Marijuana Companies Index ベースのレバレッジ型 ETF を申請しました。 BetaPro Canadian...

HYIP de orz | 2018.06.28 Thu 23:56


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