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SF映画 一般

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SF映画 一般

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Defeated Superheroine Type G 2 / 敗北したスーパーヒロインG 2

Defeated Superheroine of justice fighting evil / 敗北した悪と戦う正義のスーパーヒロイン       【Scene explanation / シーン解説】 - Defeated / 敗北 -   The superheroine defeated the fighters of the evil organization one after another, but she ended up falling into the evil organization's cowardly trap. The fighters of the evil organization take the girl hostage, block the superheroine's movements, and mercilessly attack her. In the end, she suf...

DA Fantasy Blog | 2024.02.21 Wed 05:10

White Knight Rest / 白の女騎士の束の間の休息

Momentary Rest of white knight / 白の女騎士の束の間の休息       【Scene explanation / シーン解説】 - Rest / 休息 -   The White Knight, who was captured by the enemy, was in a critical situation. However, she was rescued by you and her knights, and she was able to return to the castle safely. She was able to take a momentary break from the fierce battles in her castle.   敵に拘束されていた白の女騎士は、危機的状況だった。しかし、貴方と味方の...

DA Fantasy Blog | 2024.02.03 Sat 06:45

Space Warrior Serving / 貴方に尽くす宇宙の女戦士

A female warrior from space housework for you. / 貴方の為に慣れない家事をする宇宙の女戦士       【Scene explanation / シーン解説】 - Serving / 奉仕 -   A female warrior from space who has sworn loyalty to you has begun doing unaccustomed housework and cooking for you on the spaceship. The way she prepares the unfamiliar food is so clumsy that you can't believe she's the same female warrior who terrified the aliens. Right now, she is as clumsy ...

DA Fantasy Blog | 2024.01.22 Mon 05:14

Captured Space Warrior / 捕らわれた宇宙の女戦士

Captured female space warrior who protects the earth / 捕らわれた地球を守る宇宙の女戦士       【Scene explanation / シーン解説】 - Captured / 捕獲 -   Her space battleship was defeated in a fierce firefight with an alien space fleet, and was captured by the enemy. A female warrior from space has also been captured by aliens. She is restrained so that she cannot move and is told that she will soon be subjected to severe interrogation.   異星...

DA Fantasy Blog | 2024.01.14 Sun 13:42

Space Warrior Oath / 宇宙の戦士の誓い

A female warrior from space who pledges to serve only you /  貴方だけに尽くすと誓約する宇宙の女戦士       【Scene explanation / シーン解説】- Oath / 誓約 -   The female warrior of space has finished her sexual intercourse with you, and has also donned a spacesuit made using the most advanced technology. Then she knelt down in front of you. She pledges to serve as your personal warrior.   宇宙の女戦士は、貴方との男女の営みが終わり、また...

DA Fantasy Blog | 2023.12.30 Sat 07:33

Superheroine Type A Rest

Superheroine's Momentary Rest / スーパーヒロインの束の間の休息       【Scene explanation / シーン解説】 - Rest / 休息 -   The superheroine was captured by an evil organization's cowardly trap, but she was able to escape from surveillance and escape from the evil organization's hideout. She decided to take a break from her intense fighting days in her hometown.   スーパーヒロインは悪の組織の卑怯な罠によって捕らわれていたが、監視...

DA Fantasy Blog | 2023.12.29 Fri 14:07

いつの日にかきっと… もうすぐ夜明け

川崎『どこからわいて出やがった』 稲葉『(土下座)どうもすいませんでした!頭変になっちゃう!わ、私の負けです!』 雄喜『うかつだったぜ』 美奈子『吐いちゃう!イジメられてボク壊れちゃったよ!!ひゃうぅ!(放屁)』 AAAニコー『敗れた者が死ぬのです』 志門『ヒィィッ!パンパンになっちゃう!い、いやーん(失禁)』 伴野『ふざけんじゃねえ』 一夫『レイプされて地獄悪魔の私はシャブ漬けなの!!身も心もメチャクチャなのー!(女物の下着を穿いて脱糞する)』 安奈『アドナイ・ツァバオト』 邦子『ケツマンコのボクを...

天才・裕幸のブログ | 2023.12.27 Wed 20:06

Superheroine Type B Oath

A super heroine who pledges to serve only you /  貴方だけに尽くすと誓約するスーパーヒロイン        【Scene explanation / シーン解説】 - Oath / 誓約 -    Once the superheroine has completed their sexual intercourse with you and dons a bodysuit and armor that generates superpowers, she kneels before you and vows to serve as your very own superheroine.   スーパーヒロインは、貴方との男女の営みが終わり、また、超能力を生成するボデ...

DA Fantasy Blog | 2023.12.21 Thu 04:49

Satisfied Space Warrior

A space warrior who is satisfied with you and immerses herself in the afterglow. / 貴方に満足し、余韻に浸る宇宙の女戦士     【Scene explanation / シーン解説】- Satisfaction / 余韻 -   The female warrior of the universe seems to be very satisfied now that her lovemaking with you is over. She is lying on her bed enjoying her afterglow. And while she was looking at the endless stars from the spaceship window, she was thinking about her future with you.  ...

DA Fantasy Blog | 2023.12.10 Sun 05:46

Superheroine Type A Prologue

Superheroines who stand against evil / 悪に立ち向かうスーパーヒロイン達        【Scene explanation / シーン解説】- Prologue / プロローグ -   The superheroine is an orphan who escapes from a planet in outer space that boasts an advanced civilization but is on the verge of extinction as its sun reaches the end of its lifespan. She was raised as a human by an Earthling couple, but as she grows up, she awakens to her original sense of justice and sup...

DA Fantasy Blog | 2023.12.05 Tue 19:31


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