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handmade tale

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handmade tale

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cat house, 猫ちぐら

JUGEMテーマ:handmade tale My friend opened an Etsy store. She makes cat houses with rice straws.     The material is locally harvested, all natural. The ears (cat house ears) are made of mizuhiki (colourful strings made of Japanese washi paper). It's a quite labour intensive work. Her cats love their little homes. https://www.etsy.com/shop/ShimanoOuchi Do check out her new online shop. She makes mini houses too. Good size for hamsters. ...

A Day of Kai | 2016.12.30 Fri 22:24

home baked bread

JUGEMテーマ:handmade tale       A hectic year is almost at an end. Baked a bread for the first time in months. It turned out one of the best looking loaves I've ever made and of course I took a picture. We live in sticks and store boght bread are too sweet and you never know what's in there. Some never, ever go bad in the fridge.   I made "biga", bread starter for the first time and used 1/4 cup of it pl...

A Day of Kai | 2016.12.28 Wed 20:20

Vintage chabako - 5/5 茶箱

JUGEMテーマ:handmade tale Last items of chabako, chashaku (tea scoop) and habouki (feather duster) Chashaku, made of bamboo. Simplicity is the beauty of this item. Three feather habouki (feather broom) This habouki is made with 3 feathers and the handle is wrapped with bamboo leaf. It's called broom but it's not for actual serious dusting. It purifies hearth and utencils. Various bird feathers are used to make habouki. I'm afraid I don't know what bird feather ...

A Day of Kai | 2016.01.11 Mon 11:56

Vintage chabako - 4/5 茶箱

JUGEMテーマ:handmade tale This fan shaped porcelain kogo (incense container) has beautiful landscape paintings on its top and sides. There's no potter's mark. It has nice patina. No chip, no crack. to be continued

A Day of Kai | 2016.01.11 Mon 11:36

Vintage chabako - 3/5 茶箱

JUGEMテーマ:handmade tale Furidashi (sweets container) and chakin-zutsu (left, tea cloth keeper) These are part of chabako set. Chabako is a portable tea ceremony set and furidashi is a portable candy container. Sweets are served before tea and in this case furidashi is brought out to guests and guests take a few tiny "higashi (dry confectionary)" from the bottle. Delicate flowers are hand painted very nicely.  Top opening is glazed in brown. No potter's mar...

A Day of Kai | 2016.01.11 Mon 11:25

Vintage chabako - 2/5 茶箱

JUGEMテーマ:handmade tale Chasen (whisk) and Chasen-zutsu (whisk keeper) Both are part of Chabako set. The whisk is clearly used. It's been kept in the keeper and the brush part is need to be opened a bit. This whisk keeper is made of wood and lacquered. The golden motifs are Japanese traditional motif "treasures". It's standing upside down so that the motifs can be seen clealy without interfered by light. Top: key Centre: choji (clove) Bottom: hoju (spher...

A Day of Kai | 2016.01.10 Sun 15:20

Vintage chabako - 1/5 茶箱

JUGEMテーマ:handmade tale New arrival: vintage chabako This is a portable tea ceremony set available at https://www.etsy.com/shop/WhatsForPudding The set includes: 1 tea bowl 1 chasen (whisk) and chasen-zutsu (whisk keeper) 1 chashaku (scoop) 1 haboki (feather broom) 1 kogo (insence container) 1 furidashi (sweets container) 1 chakin-zutsu (tea cloth holder) The prancing horse on the ceramic tea bowl is hand painted. Outside is faint pink. It's similar to the colour of...

A Day of Kai | 2016.01.05 Tue 14:45

Vintage kimono, new arrival

JUGEMテーマ:handmade tale I have an online shop specialized in Japanese vintage items. I recently acquired a set of men's kimono to be added to the shop. There's a kimono, a juban (under kimono), a hakama (pants), and 5 various sashes. 日本のヴィンテージものを扱うオンラインショップを2013年にオープンしました。先日、男物の着物と袴のセットを入手し、これから店に出品する予定です。セットには、黒紋付着物、襦袢、袴、帯類5本が入っています。   The original owner is unknown but p...

A Day of Kai | 2014.07.19 Sat 17:57

hobo bag

JUGEMテーマ:handmade tale This is a handwoven bag I made recently. 最近完成した手織りのバッグです。 It had been a three-month project. The customer wanted a particular bag. She had a specific idea of shape, size, color, pattern of the weave and number of pockets. So I started the project from finding a deep purple kimono. 3ヶ月ががりのプロジェクトでした。形、大きさ、色、柄、ポケットの数など、注文主から指定があり、まず濃い紫色の中古着物探しから始まりました。 I bought a second hand ...

A Day of Kai | 2014.03.01 Sat 17:48

latest rag weave 裂織

Summer is always somehow too busy to do any weaving. Now I'm back to my loom and weaving again. This warp is off white-ish stripe. I was looking for light and cheery colour scheme. A friend of mine gave me a vintage French tea towel. It's off-white, light grey and red stripe. I wanted to make it cheery so I used old tan cotton fabric instead of grey. Light blue inserts are just whimsical accents. Dots of red and dark blue are from tan fabric. It was a floral print which used to be lining of a...

A Day of Kai | 2013.10.07 Mon 15:50


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